1. Turn off inlet water supply.
  2. Open the system flush valve to relieve pressure.
  3. Remove used filters by rotating them 1/4 turn to the left (clockwise) and then gently pulling down.
  4. Remove the wrapping and cap from the new filter.
  5. Insert new filter in to the manifold and turn 1/4 turn to the right (counterclockwise) until the filter stops.
  6. Turn on water supply, water will flush out the system valve.
  7. Flush the cartridge for five minutes.
  8. Close the flush valve and open water line / turn on power to equipment.

Note: Carbon fines may be present in the water. After installation, flush cartridge for 5 minutes before using the water.

Replace filters annually (Note that filters may need to be repalced sooner due to water condtitions.)

Warning: Do not use with water that is microbioligically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.

Caution: Do not allow the filter to freeze, which can cause structual damage to the housing and may cause a water leak.

After prolonged periods of non-use, it is recommended that the system be flushed thoroughly and the system may benefit from a possible filter change.